The KAPP Engineering Team has practical exposure to a number of Programmable Logic Controller platforms. This is not limited to but including;

  • Allen-Bradley (PLC5, SLC, MicroLogix, CompactLogix, ControlLogix & GuardLogix)
  • Automation Direct Koyo (05, 06, 205, 405 and Productivity)
  • Schneider Electric (Modicon M340, M580 and Quantum)
  • Siemens (S7-1500, 200, 300 and 400)
  • GE Fanuc (RX Series)
  • Mitsubishi (Melsec)
  • Panasonic (FP Series)
  • Omron (C Series)
  • Sixnet (IPMs)
  • Phoenix Contact (ILC)

All of our Logic Design utilises vendor neutral “Logic Diagrams” where the design is always done on paper prior to the programming phase thereby always ensuring that the design is done by the most experienced members of the team.

We specialise in providing fully-documented PLC code which is aimed at ease of understanding rather than economy of elements. This ensures that your site personnel can easily understand and troubleshoot the PLC system during maintenance and upgrade operations. All PLC programs are maintained on file at our office for a minimum period of 20 years, ensuring that you will have access to ongoing support and technical assistance throughout the life of your control system.