PROJECT: DFC Ceramics Australia – Kiln PLC Replacement
CUSTOMER: DFC Ceramics Australia
DESCRIPTION: DFC Ceramics manufactures Fire Assay Crucibles and Magnesite Cupels which are the first choice of most major laboratories both within Australia and around the world.
REQUIREMENTS: DFC Ceramics Australia operates a production plant in Malaga WA. When the old TI505 PLC control system, which controlled the operation of the Kiln, was damaged following a power outage at the plant in August 2006, DFC Ceramics contacted KAPP Engineering to repair or replace the PLC. With the Kiln out of operation, the entire plant had to be shut down, which meant a potential loss of $20,000 in sales per day. Needless to say, DFC was desperate to get the plant up-and-running in the shortest possible time.
SOLUTION: With the required replacement parts for the faulty TI505 PLC 3-4 weeks away, KAPP Engineering was instructed to supply, program and commission a new PLC system to perform the same functions as the TI505. A complete set of Koyo PLC hardware was ordered the same day, and arrived at the plant before midday the next working day. The new Koyo DL205 PLC control system consisted of the following:

  • 1 x Main Control PLC Rack (156 I/O points)
  • 1 x Expansion I/O Rack (24 I/O points)
  • 1 x Remote I/O Rack at Kiln Entry (88 I/O points)
  • 1 x Remote I/O Rack at Kiln Exit (100 I/O points)
  • ZipLink Terminal Blocks were supplied for all PLC I/O Modules, providing for quick and simple re-wiring of the existing input and output wire connections
  • 1 x 10Mbps Ethernet Communications Network, linking the Main PLC to all remote and expansion I/O racks

While the new Koyo PLC system was being installed and wired by EKKA the electrical contractors on site, the team at KAPP Engineering dedicated its resources to converting the TI505 ladder program (more than 650 rungs of code) into DirectSOFT to run the program on the new Koyo PLC.

The end result saw the Kiln up-and-running in fully automatic mode within 5 working days following the breakdown of the old TI505.