Witnessed testing is presently underway for two additional headworks (bores) trailers built by UON for Phase 2 of the West Angelas Deposit B (WADB) Borefield Expansion. The project scope includes the generation of all design documentation (control philsoophy, alarms list, I/O list, remote data maps and test documentation) to Rio Tinto standards via Calibre.

KAPP Engineering originally worked on Phase 1 of the project which was commissioned earlier in the year. Through experience gained from Phase 1, KAPP Engineering was able to work with UON in delivering engineering works for the project in an extremely short time frame.

The control system works includes programming and testing for two additional headworks trailers to work concurrently with the existing trailer and turkey nest on site. The control system utilises Schneider Modicon M340 PLCs with Magelis HMI touch panels. KAPP will also be involved in configuration of all radios (Trio JR900) and commissioning of the system on site.