With experience gained from the design of the process control system for the Golden Hills Project, KAPP Engineering has commenced work on re-writing the PLC code and develop new HMI screens for the Anglogold Sunrise Dam Gold Mines Elution Sequence.

The existing elution strip PLC code written many years ago prior to KAPP Engineering’s involvement on site was not easy to maintain and also posed many issues in regards to troubleshooting faults/trips. The existing elution strip sequence control screen did not provide clear direction to the operator to recover the system. The solution that KAPP proposed would improve the system with operator friendly user interfaces for quick troubleshooting. The existing PLC code for the elution strip shall be removed and re-written in a new routine with clarity.

KAPP Engineering also provides maintenance works for Angolgold’s Tropicana Gold mine thus has extensive knowledge of the gold recovery process.